Scott Symons has been making waves in the confection space over the last 5 years launching multiple brands and setting up high level confection kitchens in North America.  The next step was to create and launch HYPE CONFECTION CONSULTING. 


HYPE CONFECTION CONSULTING (HCC) will be the premier consulting firm for the confectionery industry. 

At HCC we provide consulting services to include product / process analysis and optimization. We help to manufacture and launch confection products / brands. We implement new technology from ingredients suppliers, equipment manufacturers / suppliers & packaging partners. We provide scalable SOP’s and solutions for your brand and product lines. We have partnerships & strong business relationships with the top tier of Companies / Brands working in the confection space. 


    • Tomric (North American Division of Selmi Chocolate tempering equipment from Italy)
    • Callebaut (Global supply chain and home of the finest belgian chocolate)
    • Cocao Berry
    • Foodarom (Global Flavour Designers with locations in North America & Europe)
    • EZ temper (Seed generator by the chocolate doctor) 


We provide product development, scalable formulation & SOP’s  production space build outs and strategic business services focused on confection products. From research and analysis to optimising production and new product development HCC will give your company the knowledge needed to prosper in this global market. You need professional recipes, formulations and SOP’s to manufacture chocolates, candy, gummy’s & sweet treats with a long shelf-life. We help small and big companies to develop specific recipes of sugar confectionery & chocolate products. 

HCC is a complete service consulting firm offering: 

  • Sourcing & description of the right Ingredients 
  • Global Supply Chain Partners
  • Proven / Scalable formulations, flavour profiles & SOP’s 
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Scalable Manufacturing Equipment Partners. 
  • Regulation requirements for all markets

Concept to Commercialization Brand & product development  requires clear vision, robust & scalable formulation, thorough testing, thoughtful & GSP (Global Supply Chain) ingredient sourcing, and proper processing in production. Starting with the right scalable equipment, scalable SOP’s, sourcing great vendor partners, on trend flavour profiles that hit hard, branding & brand story our experienced team is up to the task to suit your vision, timeline and budget.

Opportunity Analysis & Workability. How can you be sure your sweet idea will be a home run and not to strike out in a very competitive market ? HCC can help you make informed decisions by asking the right questions from the beginning. HCC will help you see what’s missing in the market, scope out the opportunity, assess the competition, understand manufacturability, navigate food safety & industry regulations.  Services Include:

  • Competitive industry & market scan
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Ingredient Marketing & Sales Strategy Development
  • Technical Feasibility Assessments

Creative Concepting & Branding Creativity, Concepts & Branding  to Get Stakeholders Salivating HCC can help you flesh out ideas whether you already have a hankering or need some inspiration. We put pen to paper on how your products should look, taste and feel, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Services Include:

  • Ideation / Brainstorm Sessions
  • Concept Brand Statements
  • Product Platform Concepts
  • Flavour Development 
  • Branding & Packaging Development 
  • Product Photography 
  • Creative Writing, Product Descriptions, Brand Story. 

Ingredient Sourcing & Testing HCC has a network of ingredient suppliers for any market, we will find you the right ingredients for your products no matter the volume or how stringent the requirements can be. We ensure your product is compliant with current regulations when drafting nutritional panels, ingredient declarations, allergen statements and proposed label claims. Your products are only as good as the ingredients in them so HCC will help you source the best. Services Include:

  • Industrial GSP Ingredient Sourcing
  • Documentation & Specification Review
  • Food Labelling Requirements.
  • Complete Assessment & understanding of your COG’s 
  • Technical Research & Functionality Review
  • Vetting & Testing in Formulation
  • Competitive Testing in Application

** Additional charge for consultations exceeding an hour. Charges apply in 30 increments. Ie; 10 additional minutes you will be billed $250.00 /30mins. **


Please email us with any questions.


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